Security Tips

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We have listed some top tips for securing your property.
Don’t leave you keys or ID documents within easy reach of doors, letterboxes or windows.
Close and lock all windows. If you have multi-locking door handles lock it with the key and remove it.


Put the key in a safe place out of sight in case of fire.

10 Top Tips To Make Your House More Secure.

Security Tips
• Install a visible intruder alarm system – Housebreakers don’t want to be seen or heard.
• Lock garages and garden sheds so garden tools and ladders can’t be used to break into your home.
• Keep side gates locked and wheelie bins stored behind them.
• Use timer switches linked to lights and a radio so it appears that someone is at home.
• Invest in a safe for valuables and sentimental items and securely fix it to a solid surface.
• Install low level dawn to dusk lighting to increase visibility and deter housebreaking.
• Invest in CCTV to cover the perimeter of your home.
• Keep side and rear boundaries high to restrict access and front boundaries low to remove hiding places.
• Photograph and mark valuables and sentimental items with your postcode and house number /name.

What makes your home attractive to housebreakers?

  1. A high front boundary
  2. Low side and rear boundaries
  3. Accessible wheelie bins
  4. No visible intruder alarm
  5. No security lighting
  6. Valuables on display
  7. Open or unsecured windows
  8. Unsecured garage or shed door
  9. Unlocked back or side door
  10. Paved path or drive way