Intruder Alarms

If you are thinking about the installation of an alarm system in your home or business it’s worth taking into account that the police response to alarm activations varies according to the type of alarm installed.

In recent years the percentage of false alarm calls caused by equipment, communication or user error represented in excess of 92% of all alarm activations nationally. In order to redress the balance in favour of genuine calls the Police have adopted two types of alarms systems, together with the relevant police response.

The Difference Between "Type A" and "Type B" Alarm Systems

Type A

Type A – Remote Signalling Alarms, including intruder alarms terminating at approved central monitoring stations. They must be maintained and used in accordance with British Standards PD6662. Such alarms will be registered with the police and identified by a unique reference number (URN) for intruder alarm response and a URN for hold up alarm (personal attack alarm) response. The police response to their activation will be based on the assumption that an offence is taking place, but against the background of competing urgent calls and available resources. Such a response will also be conditional upon the number of false activations in any 12 month period, in which case the activation may receive a lower priority police attendance. These panels have been designed to be suitable for both domestic and commercial installations, and can be used for either hardwired or, and wireless depending on customers requirement.

Type B

Type B – Audible Only and Hybrid Alarms, including bells-only and automatic dialling alarms, as well as alarms from non-compliant companies and non-compliant central stations. URNs will not be issued for these systems. To obtain police attendance, in addition to their activation Type B alarms will also require some indication that an offence is in progress, e.g. from a witness at the scene.

Identifying a compliant company ...

In identifying a compliant company installing Type A alarms you should seek answers to the following questions:

  • Before disclosing personal security details, have I checked the address and credentials of the company and seen proof of identity from the representative?
  • Is the company subject of an independent inspection process and if so which organisation?
  • Is the company registered with Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB)?
  • Is the installation of an alarm a requirement of my insurance company and if so, is the company acceptable to my insurer?
  • Does the quotation: specify that the installation will be to British Standard PD662 and include the terms of maintenance and monitoring contracts?
  • Does the company operate a 24 hour call-out service and emergency attendance within four hours?
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As well as installing new alarm systems. We also carry out repairs and upgrades on existing systems.

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