Devices of the past

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Flash guard 100 Bell-box

I believe thee were made by A & G Electronics

One of the first designs of bell-boxes fitted by System 9 Alarms many years ago and one or two can still be found lurking around.

Movement Detectors

Old Passive Infra-Red, Made by Racal. bit before my time but we still occasionally come across one and they were made in Scotland


Aritech GS-614 Single zone multi- count analyser Shock sensor alarm adjuster Still around today on some of the older alarm systems.

Optima 4 zone

Excellent small domestic panels of their day and easy to operate

.Downside of the panel was that the on-board keypad would deteriorate and breakup causing the panel to have to be replaced.

Paragon Plus

Another excellent Control Panel of the late 80’s and early 90’s aimed at the Domestic and small Commercial market.

Pyronix produced two panels of this type;

Paragon E which was a basic panel with a on-board keypad only

and the Paragon Plus (pictured above) This panel has both an on-board keypad and up to 4 remote keypads.

First panel that I can remember which came with a two year guarantee

They were so good and long lasting some are still around today

GK 200 key operated Control Panel

Before the days of Keypads

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